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twit ya twit ya twit ya twit

just registered a twitter account.

i twitted just now.

you may follow my twitter, but i wont tell you how to follow, because i myself dont know how also.

but if you know how,

follow me, i can bring you go Holland.

Holland is a good place, i have been there before, many times somemore,

especially when i drove to somewhere and i got lost,

at that moment,

i knew i was in Holland.


only 8 mins, i got one follower liao, but i dont know who’s that.

you jump i jump!


you climb up the rock, get set, jump and pose!

that’s what Jan call it as Star Jump!

don’t think this jump gonna be easy, it takes lots of courage to make it happen. of course, you need a great photographer to snap the moment as well. how many times in my life can i get photo like this? thanks Jan!

sometimes one might ask me why I want to wake up at 6am in the sunday morning, well, here’s the answer.

ermm.. yes, i know, the 3 dots are sexy.

asap campaign is coming


a very successful campaign named 1 Malaysia National Anti Smoking Campaign was held last year November. yes, if you can spot me inside this video, you might stand a chance to win a myvi.

this year 2010, it gonna be a bigger one.

ASAP_Postcard 2004

Organizer YMM and NewAge Studios will launch this campaign this Friday, 23 April 2010. This gonna be a PC (Press Conference), but you are invited to join too.

Yeava Technology Sdn Bhd has been chosen as official online partner for this event. We, Yeava, will be in charge of the entire website design and development.

Call Aron Koh or Asmidar for RSVP.

we are proud of you


miss tammy lim woon tyen, i can’t help writing these for you.

you are way too geng chao d..

international studies outstanding student award of north texas university, you are going to receive the award this April. When last year you told me samphat was the one who received the award, you mention it, you wanted it, you got it, i knew it. your convocation i wont be there physically, but you know my heart will, and always be.

how smart, how brave, how talented, how wonderful my sister is.

you said it’s not easy for you to get a boyfriend, simply because you have three capable brothers; well, because you are my dearest sister, i have no choice but have to agree with you. =p

no worries, we have screened a lots for you, here got doctor lah, lawyer lah, engineer lah, entrepreneur lah, eh, even psycho also got, so you can have a life-time patient. haha..

we feel honour to be your family, keep it up the good work, buy us meal everyday if can.


may god bless you achieve whatever you wish for. Update me if you found your angel who is committed to protect you till the end, but i believe his facebook gonna be flooded by all of us.

= D

take the sword, rock and roll!

now only i realized i haven’t blog for very long time, -.-“ not even a single post in feb.

thanks brother john chan for selecting me to be part of the brother team, it was a sweet and wonderful wedding.

take this chance, before going to another bride-to-be house for buffet, let me complete few posts that i have been trying to blog since long time ago.

left KL for one week d, i cant wait to return to my stage.

this sun, f1 starts, brothers, wait for me, i will be there before the 5 lights go off!

take the sword, rock and roll, warrior go go go : )

finding eywa


hey dew, what’s up..


this little create couldnt wait to welcome me. i just couldn’t accept the way she said hi to me, made me giving up so much of blood. -.-”


i prefer this way.


we do not have to travel so far to another planet, my country already have one pandora.


although i do not have the usb port and cable as you have seen in avatar movie, by standing there looking at this wonder, i felt connected to the mother earth. although i did not hear the sound from my ancestors, i could sense achievement and enjoyment, she is so peaceful.


thanks the troop for bringing me there.

i love you even more than ever, mother nature.