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shadow, paint my love


this pack, very geng chao.

it can melt any ladies’ heart.

for sure.


unpack it. then,

tell her that..

whenever you look at the shadow, you see my love.


see? she sure melt one.

and next day in her handbag, you will find a torchlight inside.


and, beware, she might get sun burned.

because she will walk everyday

under the sun.

just to carry your love around.


check out

Living in new server

i am alive, again!

sorry for the internal server error these few days. is in a brand new server now.

i know you will enjoy the connection speed of it.


hor ray.

go mid valley this friday!

let me tell you my itinerary for this coming Friday.

11am: go see world cup, shop around if got time

12:30pm: lunch in purple cane, the garden

2pm: go cititel checkout the clearance sales for branded briefcase and laptop bag.

3:30pm: go warung tea time yam cha, shop around if got time

5pm: balik



international luggage, all brand from france.

clearance sales! up to 80%

products offered are luggage, briefcase, back pack, laptop bag.

date: 29 – 31 january 2010. (friday  to sunday)

time: 10am to 7pm

venue: Matahari 3 & 4, Level 5, Cititel Mid valley city, lingkaran syed putra, 59200 kuala lumpur.

google replied me saying my AdSense account application has been approved!


remember i told you i gonna do something for my blog? yeah.. this is one of them.

yea~ yea~ i know adsense is not a new stuff; well, i dont see this in my friends’ blog. so i think i got to do something for everyone to benefit.

after t harv eker’s never work again course in singapore, it energize me to apply this on my blog, which i have been thinking about it since very very long time ago. thanks tan su cheng for introduce me to this incredible course.

joel comm was one of the speakers in this ‘never work again’ workshop, he was the one who taught us how to apply google adsense effectively.


google adsense is one of the methods which allows to generate passive income from the internet. if you want to know more how to generate income from the net.

seriously, you got to stay tune, because i have spent so much of money for attending the course, don’t you want to know what it’s all about?

ya ya, i know you will say, “knn, stay tune again”; aiya, dont complain lah, because i don’t really know what to say for keeping you here everyday.

i believe this topic most of people will be very curious about, wait for my ‘how to generate passive income online’ posts. hope it helps you to get some money from the place where you will hang up everyday.

i am back!!

sorry for the long waiting..

after attended t harv elker ‘s course, i found my enthusiasm on blogging again.

as you know, i am not that kind of person who like to talk much one, that’s why i need reasons to drive me for talking much..

so i gonna have major upgrade on this blog.

so.. again.. please stay tune !!

bored on this stay tune thing? bo bian, i know this only.

my home sweet home

i still can remember, i digged all $ in my maybank, hsbc bank, ocbc bank, even broke my piggy bank, somemore almost planned to rob bank, just for the down payment. then, once i got the receipt, i quickly drove to the empty land, pointing at it, shouting ‘ wooi! let’s grow up together! u grow your height; i grow my bank account digits’. that’s all i did in year 2k4.

she is close to five years old now.

now i am staying here, she become my own space. now only i realise how good to have our own space, because whenever you forgot to take towel, you can run out from your bathroom without putting your clothes on, there are thousand of sq feet for you to run around. you may try at home now, who knows you might love running nakedly.


the entire house was designed by malaysia famous interior designer, tan su cheng, he owns one of well known interior design firm in malaysia, named PDI Design, The PLOT,, is one of their showroom in bangsar.

here is the place where you can enjoy haagen daaz ice cream while your friends are trying to be the first to see chequered flag

here is where i dream of my future

thanks for damien khoo for all the photo shooting. photo can really bring out memories, especially good photos. damien is one of malaysia famous photographer, he and andrew ooi, another famous photographer who can produce good photo too, own a studio named absolute art studio, check out their website btw, andrew is super good in car racing game, i couldnt even see his tail light in GT5, no one can beat me in GT5 until andrew came to my house. (GT5 is a widely-known racing car game for PS3)


i enjoy every single moment at my sweet home, the feeling reminds me of what price i pay, what things i gain. i know it’s time for me to bring my thinking to another level, in order to archive higher target.s thanks to my family members and friends around me, especially those who contributed so much to my life and also those who willing to give chance for me to contribute. i will climb higher as i know you guys will do the same too.