MAN UTD is coming to Malaysia!

27 July 2007, that's the day.

few years back, MAN UTD came to M'sia, with beckham, giggs, roy keane, scholes, phil, gary neville, bathez, and you know, I was there as well.

the only difference among us was… i was the only one with the ticket.

this time, MAN UTD will come to M'sia, with brown, carrick, oshea, park park, c. ronaldo, van der sar, rooooooney, and you know, I will be there as well.

time passed things changed

the only thing that will never change is, i will still be the one with the ticket.


MAN UTD team 2006/2007


MAN UTD fans getting more and more, i think it's even harder to get nice seat for this match than the previous match in 2001.

my friend spoonkin is hardcore man utd fans, i m sure he can get nice seat for us. if you are interested at this match as well, pls drop a message.



KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) – Manchester United will play a friendly soccer match in Malaysia on July 27, the Football Association of Malaysia said Wednesday.

The match is a government and private sector initiative in conjunction with "Visit Malaysia Year 2007," association deputy president Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah was quoted as saying by the national news agency, Bernama.

United will take on a yet to be determined Malaysian invitational team, selected by the government and made up of club and international Malaysian players.






Injured jor

bzbody: OMG! what happen to you?

kuangyee: injured la, cant you see mer..

bzbody: wah.. pain or not?

kuangyee: of course not, u may try to fall down and see


thanks to chia how and jason for decorating my hand until like this. thanks again for pressing the cotton on the wound SO HARD, so that the med. powder can stick on it.


how did it happen?

that's impossible for a guy like me falling down from bike just like that rite, there must be a very long long story behind it.

stay tune.