join the strangers, dare bo?

one day, chia how suggested for a cycling trip, but we have only 5 persons, so i went and asking around. sekali, now we have 14 persons in this trip already, and most of them dont know each other.

since we have bigger group, might as well make it bigger. join us for fun and let’s make it a unforgettable trip to all of us.

we are now inviting you, ya la, you la, the one who are reading this.

date: 02 Dec 2007, 830am
venue: Agricultural Park (Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya), Shah alam

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What is your most unforgettable birthday moment?

 you and me, have birthday.

early of 1997, big things fell on me, i got to make my very first big decision for the following year. if i planned to leave the town, meaning that my school, my teachers, my teammates and schoolmates, well, everything i have, i got to give it up.

so coincidence, that year, few weeks before my birthday, something big happened also. unfortunately that my parents was in oversea for vacation, sister and brothers not in town, i was alone to handle all those sh*ts. i didn’t attend classes and didn’t have chance saying byebye to my class.

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a workshop to share with you

“how do i find the balance point in my life?” someone asked.

“am i doing the right thing? am i doing the things right?” someone asked.

“what’s my personal meaning of life?” someone asked.

“is there something that i dont know but it exists around me?” someone asked.

few months ago, my friend john chan shared with me about the laws of universal and the science of getting wealth. i was like.. what the ****, got such things mer. then he shared with me about this trainer and his workshop. without second thought, i signed up for the workshop on the spot.

it was 2 days workshop..

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