for sale: dopod D810 pda phone

Dopod D810 PDA Phone with built-in GPS (Global Positioning System)

Product introduction and specification:

Package includes:

  • Dopod D810 100% working condition phone
  • Charger
  • 1GB Memory card
  • Preloaded Mapking 2007

Price: RM1440 

Dealing method:

  • COD (Old Klang Road / PJ Area)

Location of seller:

  • Old Klang Road

Contact method/details:

  • Call / SMS 012 266 7818








tuition for Chinese Language

Do you have any friends wanting to teach tuition for Chinese Language? The student is Standard 3 this coming new year, boy, but his Chinese is at pre-school level, so quite easy to teach.

At Taman Emas(near Kelana Jaya LRT)

1.5 hours per time, 2 times per week.

Every 8 times RM280

If got, please let me know as I cannot continue teaching him when I start my new job.

— my friend (a lady)

blog intro: PDA + JAVA + YOGA Master

Teo, we used to call him. Now, we still call him Teo.

He’s my ex, my ex- APIIT classmate. Below are something about him:

  • very geng in JAVA programming
  • for every single JAVA problem, he has solution for it
  • he is more knowledgeable than the Sun’s JAVA knowledgebase
  • always say can do this can do that with his PDA
  • showed us on / off aircon with his PDA
  • a yoga master, giving classes to public
  • went to Jacky Cheung Hok Yau concert with a guy in 2007
  • nice guy, friendly and helpful
  • always kena bullied by us
  • willingly bullied by us

visit his blog if you wanna know more.