hey, you are my brother!

hello guys! hi. it’s me again. how’s my photo blog? hope you like it.

it has been so many months i didn’t blog in words. i know you know i am fine, and you know i know you are fine all the time, so blogging or not, it doesnt matter much right.. and for the past two months, i have been busy with house warming, oh, thanks for those who came to my house, i had lots of fun.

i am looking forward for the next house warming cum christmas party at my house next fri, bros, bring more liquor!

something happened and made me compose this post. yes, it’s the posts named “Brother – by Chen Yee“, and “Brothers! wait and see!” from my friend’s blog.

ya lah ya lah, actually the post named “Brothers! wait and see!” is more interesting. (go read and you’ll know why) *those who cant read chinese, please use google language to translate. (ai ya, actually no need to be so troublesome, see the photo is enough)

hey, come on! look at the subject of this post, Brother is today’s topic that i want to talk about.

ermmmm… well, Brother, … actually there’s nothing to talk about. i still think “Brothers! wait and see!” this post is more interesting.


last month, i were Brother of my good friend’s wedding; they are really a lovely couple, very sweet! the gorgeous bride is soft, gentle and polite lady; the groom always say he’s handsome, so i do not have to describe him more.

next year January, two of my top brothers are going to get married. of course they are not marrying each other, so gay mer. one getting married with a gorgeous lady from muar; the other one with another gorgeous lady from jb.


10Jan,KL, attending wedding dinner
11Jan,JB, being brother early in the morning
15Jan,Muar,get ready for next day
16Jan,Pontian, being brother, wedding dinner

hey, you are my brother! YAM !!

brother means HEN TAI, HEN TAI means brother.