the day, we have given our best

he was a boy.
after the day, he turned into a man.
a real man who have the responsibility to take care of his another half.

he was my primary schoolmate.
we are S.H.E members, the day, we became his hentai.
accompanying him to step into another stage of life.

we yammmmmmmmmmmmmmm sheeeeeeeeeeeng very hard

even the little one

we are family. brothers and sisters. a day to rememeber.

it was a great day, it was fun, of course, it’s not easy to go through. once i got the more photos, i will tell you a story how the hunters assist prince to get his love one, during the journey, they met something scary, lioness..

they were scary, weren’t they?

the day, we have given our best. but we still kena bitten.

it’s a boy thing

while waiting for my last post of 2008. show you something what i am busy with.

this is my RC (radio control) car

my brother bought his RC car in HK, planning to beat us all when he’s back to Malaysia for CNY. ( he believe he can fly in the sky too…)

that’s his car, tamiya bmw. it looked like very geng.

my dad built a track for us to race.

i called it Pontian track.

i am the track record holder.

my record was 12.226 seconds. so far no one can break it, even m. sch also tak boleh.

qualifying round will be held on CNY eve, final on CNY 3rd day. few racers will be joining us too, so you will see tire, wings, spoiler all flying around.

on race track, there will be no mercy.

of course, you will get the chance to see F1 girls with their bikini on during race day too.

those who wanna attend this incredible event, please get your ticket fast, although i also do not know where to buy the tickets. anyway, you are invited to come my pontian house during CNY, to beat my record, to get ang pao.