my home sweet home

i still can remember, i digged all $ in my maybank, hsbc bank, ocbc bank, even broke my piggy bank, somemore almost planned to rob bank, just for the down payment. then, once i got the receipt, i quickly drove to the empty land, pointing at it, shouting ‘ wooi! let’s grow up together! u grow your height; i grow my bank account digits’. that’s all i did in year 2k4.

she is close to five years old now.

now i am staying here, she become my own space. now only i realise how good to have our own space, because whenever you forgot to take towel, you can run out from your bathroom without putting your clothes on, there are thousand of sq feet for you to run around. you may try at home now, who knows you might love running nakedly.


the entire house was designed by malaysia famous interior designer, tan su cheng, he owns one of well known interior design firm in malaysia, named PDI Design, The PLOT,, is one of their showroom in bangsar.

here is the place where you can enjoy haagen daaz ice cream while your friends are trying to be the first to see chequered flag

here is where i dream of my future

thanks for damien khoo for all the photo shooting. photo can really bring out memories, especially good photos. damien is one of malaysia famous photographer, he and andrew ooi, another famous photographer who can produce good photo too, own a studio named absolute art studio, check out their website btw, andrew is super good in car racing game, i couldnt even see his tail light in GT5, no one can beat me in GT5 until andrew came to my house. (GT5 is a widely-known racing car game for PS3)


i enjoy every single moment at my sweet home, the feeling reminds me of what price i pay, what things i gain. i know it’s time for me to bring my thinking to another level, in order to archive higher target.s thanks to my family members and friends around me, especially those who contributed so much to my life and also those who willing to give chance for me to contribute. i will climb higher as i know you guys will do the same too.

ferrari owners club in malaysia

i asked a boy, what his dream car is. he told me: “Ferrari”

i asked a girl, what her boyfriend’s dream car is. she told me: “Ferrari”


i asked an uncle the same question, he told me Ferrari was his dream, now he has to buy MPV because of his four kids.

i asked an aunty the same question, she told me she doesn’t even care, what she care now is how to bring her kids up and her LV bag, may be.

So folks, is your dream car still a ferrari? i believe it still.

remember my last post of year 2008? there’s what i am talking about. ‘i have a dream, a fantasy’. well, the dream might not come true, but in order to make our dreams come true, we must have a dream. kollect? :D

gather in bangsar

ready for genting ride

on way to genting

FOCM is reaching genting

ferrari owners club in genting highland

even police also came and checked it out

everyone just cant help himself/herself to look at the gorgeous cars.

yeava technology sdn bhd proudly present to you this ferrari owners club website, which is powered by a web cms (web content management system) called webboss cms.webboss is a web application which can be integrated into any ASP/ASP.Net web development, it helps admin to maintain the entire website without having the knowledge of HTML coding or any programming language, it is as simple as writing a letter using microsoft words. the focm committee members love the web design of focm site which designed by the web developer –

ferrari owners club website is up and running. if you are ferrari fans, you may check out for more information about ferrari. there has all the information and links to ferrari world.

whats up! one fm!!


it was my first time visiting malaysia radio station.

i heard this name from chia how, but i dont really go and find out what radio station it is, until i visited this station.

one fm, ‘you are my no. 1′, mandarin/cantonese radio station, sometimes you can hear english songs from there too. very nice station, young and energetic, now if u press the first memory button of my car radio, the frequency will be tuned to 88.1, yes, one fm’s frequency is 88.1 in klang valley. i am not sure the frequency in jb and penang, also 88.1?



he is lucas, one fm host. very friendly and very young. he is the youngest DJ in one fm, age of 20++ i think. he intro all the equipments in that room and also demostrate how the sms system works. now i know where my message will show whenever i sms to radio station.


she is jane, morning kaki, cute and pretty, wake up at 4am for her 6am morning programme everyday. her programme partner, jeff, said she is still single and available, whoever wanna know her more, please drop an email to her. you can find her email address from one fm site.

my friend told me one fm has a programme which full of 80’s, albums of eric moo (wu qi xian), pan mei chen, dave wong (wang jie), and other artists who are very famous during 80’s. i know i will love this programme very much.

good job! one fm! wish you guys achieve the goals this year! all the best :)