the mug’s life

got a call from our birthday boy, saying that his car got stuck in ikea carpark.

damn noob.

i think he scare ikea might off the carpark light when he go back take his car, that’s why he left his car light on. When he went back for his car after our TGI friday dinner, good news was the carpark light still on; bad news? yeah, his car battery tabao d.

(tabao means bungkus, bungkus means tabao, ‘tabao’ is one of the terms which is not easy to explain in its actual meaning. because with its actual meaning, you might be wondering what for to bungkus a battery? so if you get it, you get it; if you dont, even i explain hundred times to you, you still wont get it)

i was about to reach kin house for testing my new wiimote when i received the call. at that moment, i knew i couldn’t leave him behind, because, imagining his face when he’s shouting “merdeka, merdeka, merdeka” with ikea security guards in P2 car park.. ha..

yes, it was our national day eve, almost reaching countdown moment somemore.

ermm… actually the story only starts now, above all craps. :D

so, after helped him jump start the car, i went to washroom.

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spot the same

eddie wen just posted this in his ‘Those were the days..” facebook photo album.

and yq just commented on my previous post, asking whether my face gained weight boh.

ermm, i think you guys can get the answer from this post.




guess how many years different between these two photos?

i think i should publish a book ‘how to gain weight on your face in 10 days’

then sell it at


btw, can you spot something in common inside these two photo?

seven years


since day 1, or should say even before i owe it, or should say when i was a kid, i dreamt of a scene.

today, i can share the scene with my friends.

to have this photo appearing on my computer screen, it took me seven years to complete it. yea, some of you might feel it’s not a big deal, but to me, it means a lot.

i am not sure whether you have time to really sit down and think of the message behind this photo, i believe the message helps whoever is in the same channel as mine.

this photo motivates me for achieving higher target, it tells me if there’s a will, there’s a way.

one more line,

everything is possible to a willing heart.