Rise of the champion

When was the last time you invest in yourself to become better and better?

For many people, they spend their life working very hard but they find that they are not getting their fair share of rewards or recognition.

The truth is, the only reason people struggle is because they are missing the most critical tools and skills to succeed in life. This makes all the difference between the haves, and the have nots.

The Rise of the Champion is a fantastic course that will teach you about these critical skills and tools (which we call the Tetrahedron). Not only that, you will actually start using them during the course!!

This workshop will definitely become a turning point in your life.

Call Tang at 012 345 2862, Susie at 012 280 8301, and you tell them that you want to become a champion.

Date :  Nov 27 (Fri), 28 (Sat) & 29 (Sun) 2009
Time :  9am to 9pm (Fri & Sat) 9am to 6pm (Sun)
Venue :  tba
Meals :  included
Price :  RM 895

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very happy birthweek


now 3am, just back from another celebration.

very fulfilled, very happy.

and this cake, i know, it gonna be one of the memorable cakes, a very meaningful cake to me. only those who know my favorites, know what cake it is.

sometimes it’s not really about how much the present cost, it’s how much the love we can receive from the gift, that matters.

now i have almost everything i wished for. i will bring my wishes, my targets to another level, aim more, give more, receive more, appreciate more.

god bless all of you, may all your wishes come true as well.

the day of a happy bird


thanks everyone, and also those who wished and going to wish me happy birthday. you guys are awesome, because you have such a friend like me.

bless you guys forever stay healthy and happy : )

Ah – Ho !!


i was told these chinese words was written by the Malay girl staff, i think she had done her best to write my name.