you jump i jump!


you climb up the rock, get set, jump and pose!

that’s what Jan call it as Star Jump!

don’t think this jump gonna be easy, it takes lots of courage to make it happen. of course, you need a great photographer to snap the moment as well. how many times in my life can i get photo like this? thanks Jan!

sometimes one might ask me why I want to wake up at 6am in the sunday morning, well, here’s the answer.

ermm.. yes, i know, the 3 dots are sexy.

asap campaign is coming


a very successful campaign named 1 Malaysia National Anti Smoking Campaign was held last year November. yes, if you can spot me inside this video, you might stand a chance to win a myvi.

this year 2010, it gonna be a bigger one.

ASAP_Postcard 2004

Organizer YMM and NewAge Studios will launch this campaign this Friday, 23 April 2010. This gonna be a PC (Press Conference), but you are invited to join too.

Yeava Technology Sdn Bhd has been chosen as official online partner for this event. We, Yeava, will be in charge of the entire website design and development.

Call Aron Koh or Asmidar for RSVP.