the 5th year

just browse through all my blog kaki, most of them tutup kedai already.

5 years. has been up and running for 5 years. throughout the years, i hope there was a moment it grew together with you .

5 years.

it might not be a big deal to you. but to a person like me, it’s big.

some said Scorpios are mysterious, :P haha, somehow yes, well, they give surprises too.

i appreciate and want to say thank you to everyone who has contributed, commented, also those who inspired me, and of course, whoever has visited this website.

some said Scorpios bear a grudge against whoever bullied them. i say Scorpios will always remember every single moment whenever whoever loved them, even till their last breath.

in order to have tremendous and awesome result in the future, i got to do something big different and risking, instead of doing the same old sh*t, but expecting different result.

stop blogging, i have decided.

warriors do or do not, there’s nothing in between. warriors once do, they do it in 100%.

this website will still be up and running, because here always a energy charging station to me.

i know the coming 10 years gonna be very challenging, and yes,

I am committed to achieve it.

so are you. come, together, we say,