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Tammy NYP Video

Nanyang Poly 10 mins SEX VIDEO CLIP Revealed! Nanyang Poly probing sex video clip by Maria Almenoar ( The Straits Times, Monday, Febuary 20, 2006, Page 4 of Prime section) NANYANG Polytechnic is investigating a rumour that a video clip of one of its students engaging in sexual acts is making its rounds on the internet. Local forums and blogs have been buzzing with the news of Tammy, said to be a 17-year-old Nanyang Polytechnic Information Technology student who had taped a sex act with her boyfriend on her mobile phone. According to one blog entry, the cheerleader's mobile phone was apparently stolen by a girl who was jealous of her popularity. The thief found the 4.8MB video, uploaded it and mass e-mailed it to lecturers and students of the school. According to the blog, the couple are seen having sex in various positions in the 10-minute long video clip. Other blog entries focus on the possibility of Tammy being expelled from school although it is believed to be unlikely that the video was shot on school grounds. A group of hackers is also believed to have retrieved Tammy's personal details from the school's database and distributed it. The Straits Times, however, could not find the video posted on the Internet anymore after repeated searches. Blog entries about this incident started on Thursday, but bloggers noted on their sites that they did not want to be seen as distributing porn by posting the video. In an e-mail response yesterday, Nanyang Polytechnic said that it has yet to positively identity the person in the video as one of its students. When asked what kind of punishment would be meted out if Tammy or the student distributing the video was found to be one of its students, the spokesman said that the school will first investigate to find out more about the matter before coming to any decision. "The rumour that the polytechnic is looking into expelling the student is therefore untrue," it added. Bloggers were divided on their responses – some felt she "deserved it" while others sympathised with her situation/ Said a blogger using the nickname Nypian :"I don't understand why the victim should be punished. Isn't she humiliated enough that it is in the open?" —————————————————– tammy-with-boyfriend.jpg Tammy and her boyfriend —————————————————- Quote of the day: Just so that when we're older, we can realise how fit we used to be. Alvin Fan, 20-year-old student Pals, What say you? (P/S: Don't request for the video from me.)